We sell and service refurbished AA spectrometers. Based in Reading, Berkshire UK we have over 40 years experience with Atomic Absorption spectrometers including graphite furnaces and hydride generators. Prices depend on serviceability and condition and are always good value.

 Top tip,: Do not forget to replace your Acetylene cylinder when its about 25% full as the Acetone will damage the gas controls.


  Why not try us for lamps :- from £95 with warrantee  

Coded and Un-coded. Normal 1.5 inch and 2 inch Perkin Elmer type (old and new style)


Perkin Elmer 1100B for sale

Special price £1750    NOW SOLD

This instrument has a 4 lamp turret, D2 correction, automatic gas controls and superb performance. 
Unicam Burner System

Varian GTA120 Zeeman AA

Hollow Cathode Lamp
Varian AA240FS

A list of available instruments is on the Currently Available page.    

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